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Rockdale Visual & Performing Arts Magnet

All About Mrs. Frangeskou

My name is Mrs. Xenia Frangeskou and I have been with in LAUSD since 2003.  I have been passionate about teaching since I was a student myself.  I have a Multiple Subject Credential, an Administrative Credential, and two Masters Degrees, one in Elementary Education and a second in Educational Leadership. I strongly believe that the key to any successful educational program comes from teacher, students, and parents working together.

I have been fortunate to be part of the Rockdale Visual and Performing Arts family for the last four years.  I am extremely happy to be part of a school that focuses on teaching “the whole child.”  Having a four and a half year old myself (who my husband and I consider our greatest blessing), I understand the importance of an education that takes learning beyond the four walls of a classroom and teaches children the value of becoming lifelong learners.

Q & A

How can the arts impact learning?

Arts education at Rockdale does not take place in isolation, but is a part of our overall school and education strategy.  Increasingly, research indicates that students who have in-depth arts involvement show better academic outcomes, have higher career goals, and are more civically engaged.  It increases creativity and raises self-esteem.  A strong arts education promotes the skills students need to be successful and provides a wide array of academic and social benefits.


What is a Resident Magnet?

A Resident Magnet ensures that all students who live within the boundaries of the school and apply to the Magnet receive priority placement.  Any spaces available after that are open to the entire LAUSD community as part of the Magnet Program.

Cultivating a Community of Creative and Critical Readers, Writers, and Thinkers

Rockdale Visual & Performing Arts Magnet is a school-wide magnet program from grades 1-6, with applications open through LAUSD's e-choices.  (Our kindergarten program is a resident program.)

Our mission is to cultivate students' intellectual capabilities, creative gifts, and unique qualities as individuals in an intellectually challenging and safe environment.  We strive to develop individuals whose joy in active learning, commitment to ethical action, environmental responsibility, and learning in and through the arts, will guide them to meaningful lives as contributing citizens of a changing, dynamic world.  We are dedicated to personalizing learning for each and every student while respecting individual differences.

Our teachers integrate the arts into and across the curriculum.  Students also receive instruction in all the arts disciplines: Drama, Visual Arts, Dance, Instrumental Music, and Vocal Music by credentialed LAUSD arts specialist teachers.

Rockdale students are continually involved in service learning projects and environmental stewardship through our Edible and Learning Gardens/Labs.  Rockdale's Student Leadership Council provides opportunities for students to be leaders and directly improve the school and their community, giving them a voice for action.