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At Rockdale Elementary we are committed to cultivating students as individuals, emphasizing critical and creative thinking, and teaching through the arts. As a supplement to the core curriculum, we try to integrate literature as much as possible.

Language Arts

Rockdale uses California Treasures, a reading and language arts curriculum developed specifically for California. Reading passages are culturally sensitive, engaging and designed to reach all students, regardless of their language background. The program is based on the latest scientific research and is aligned to national and state standards. Used in K-6th grade.


All grades use enVisionMATH California, a curriculum designed to engage students with interactive and visual learning. Differentiated instruction allows teachers to reach students of all levels. Designed by leading math education experts, it follows all state and national standards. Used in K-6th grade.


Rockdale uses Foss California a K-5 science curriculum that teaches science in interesting and engaging ways. The approach to science is inquiry based. The program covers life sciences, earth sciences, and physical sciences and is aligned with national and state standards. K-5th grade.

Social Studies

Scott Foresman Social Studies provides our social science curriculum. The program is customized with topics appropriate to each grade that teaches about our community and world. It follows national and state standards. K-6th grade.


Rockdale teachers are trained to integrate the arts throughout the core curriculum. We are an Arts Learning Community School (ALCS) with credentialed art teachers specializing in visual arts, drama, dance, vocal music and instrumental music, including orchestra.

Physical Education

Rockdale uses programs like FocusFish to encourage movement and the development of psychomotor skills. Beginning in 2013, “Morning Mile,” a running and walking program will gets kids moving to start the day.


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