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Shari Gomberg

Parent and Student Information Page


Dear Rockdale Families and Friends,


Welcome to our classroom page. The 2018-2019 school year had both an exciting and action-packed start.

If you are a classroom parent, please contact me if you need access to our classroom communication website.

Our fourth grade classroom is a high functioning environment where 27 students work diligently to meet their daily goals and objectives, while many always look to meet and exceed their goals and objectives. 

It is an honor and privilege to be at a Visual and Performing Arts Magnet where the core of our curriculum is taught and received within visual arts, drama, music, dance, or technology instruction. Our last official dance lesson with our fabulous dance teacher, Ms. McNamara, was Friday, December 7, 2018 and our dance performance in front of students, parents, and guests, showcased 4th grade students dancing the, "Patty Cake Polka" before reenacting the creation of a student-choreographed Mandala that gets swept away only to have another one created.

We work and collaborate daily in mixed-ability groupings so we can all benefit by student's experience, expertise, and creativity.We have welcomed a couple of new students to our classroom at Rockdale VAPA this school year and they bring with them abundant verbal contributions and experiences. 

We have four curricular journeys already on the calendar which are aligned with our classroom curriculum and bring hands-on opportunities and experiences to students that are both valuable and worthy.



All About Me,

Just a little about me...

I have taught for nineteen years at Rockdale VAPA and spent two years prior to that substituting in two other California school districts. I am a lifelong learner and try to stay current in all the latest philosophies, content, and teaching strategies to ensure my students have the best opportunities to evolve and excel. I am excited this year to fully incorporate the utilization of Google docs in my classroom and to daily incorporate technology in a meaningful and useful way that furthers my students' experiences and learning. We are focused on digital safety this year when on technology and most students have successfully passed several levels of Interland thus far.

My goal is to foster learning by providing access to information and uncovering the special talents and curiosities of each students within the arts areas.

Current Assignments